About Us

A Former banker with a love for animals, I embarked on a new career. I turned a passion for animals into a business for animals. Paws & Whiskers turned a dream into a reality. Pet sitting peaked my interest in the animal word so I turned curiosity into knowledge and became a certified canine obedience trainer. My interest in the animal world continues to grow with international friends of fans worldwide on Facebook. My journey to learn, share and teach others about animals is a path I truly enjoy.


Since you have been pet sitting our dogs, Gracy and Greta, I no longer worry about going out of town. They love the time that Paws & Whiskers spends with them. Greta misses you and howls at the door when you leave. You understand their special quirks and treat them like your own. Best of all, I can relax and enjoy my trip knowing they are receiving love and attention. - John & Suzan Dabbs
Paws & Whiskers helped us with Raven's anxiety issues. When we got Raven from a rescue group she would become anxious when we left home and have accidents. Paws & Whiskers worked with us in helping Raven to adjust. Within a few days she was not having any more accidents and was fine being left alone. She has been happily living with us for the past couple of years and is a well adjusted dog thanks to Paws & Whiskers. - Brian & Jackie Olin
I have known Paws & Whiskers for more than 10 years and have used her many times to care for my Jack Russell Mix, Dante, and my beagle mix, Biscuit. I have found Paws & Whiskers love for animals to be very sincere, caring and trustworthy. I recommend her services very highly. - Robin Burns
Zoey is available on pet sitting visits to socialize and play with your dog for FREE
Paws & Whiskers gave me some good advice in helping to calm my high energy hunting dog, Tollie, down. I followed the advice along with a plenty of exercise, a few changes in our daily routine and Tollie became a pleasant well adjusted dog. To this day we’re both happier because of Paws & Whiskers training advice. - Karen Margolin
It's important to hire a trustworthy pet sitter when I travel, and that's Paws & Whiskers. If Paws & Whiskers is taking care of my two cats, I don't worry at all. Paws & Whiskers is dependable and trustworthy. When I get home from traveling, I always notice that my cats are calm and stress-free. Paws & Whiskers has been my pet sitter for the past six years. - Mary Grasberg
Paws & Whiskers was invaluable in helping my dog Feebie stop chasing my goats. She simply gave me an easy behavior modification technique to use, which helped calm her down. I highly recommend her insightfulness in training any dog. - Wanda Burton
I want to thank Paws & Whiskers for taking care of my two dogs, Peanut and Princess for the past 6 years. Paws & Whiskers always takes the time to walk my dogs and I know they love being in her care. It’s hard to find someone you can trust and over the years Paws & Whiskers has gained my trust and respect, I don't know if I could trust anyone as much as I do Paws & Whiskers.
Bryan Thompson